2013 Yamaha Zuma 50cc Review

This is my take on my little zuma after 2 years of ownership and all the good and bad. = VTCYCLES.COM = Where I BUY all my Moped/DIO racing parts. Check them out IF you want GOLD PLATED parts and GOLD PLATED Service. RH DSD =Sales and General Information: vtcycles@gmail.com


Alex Atrocity says:

I thought this got up to 40 top speed???

Blackhatter says:

Your head is egg shaped, and you don’t have a frigging clue about what you’re talking about .

Huy Pham says:

The 50cc scooter of the honda,yamaha is not available in Vietnam

FrozenAura says:

Based on what you said in the video and what you said in the comments you might want to think about what you are saying before you say it. Your statements come out daft which doesn’t make for a good review because it makes anything you say about the bike irrelevant.

If you only know the imperial system don’t bash attempt to bash metric users because you don’t understand their system. Stick with the imperial system viewers will know your American. You also if you are going to bash the metric users don’t do it in a way that makes you look stupid.

If it was made in Tiawan/Republic of China is there a quality drop as a result, if so you have the right to complain, if not it isn’t worth mentioning.

Then you didn’t even really review the bike, you just talked about the engine and what you didn’t like about it. You spent just about half the video complaining about it being made in Tiawan and the other half about a little gab in between the lights and the front of the bike. The other half (nearly) of the video you talked about the egg shaped pistons and the oil. That isn’t a review at all, it is just you talking about the bike not providing consumer to consumer input about the product. It isn’t enough to be called a review.

DIOSpeedDemon says:

I am American and yes, the whole damn world revolves around
us, mate. Rule no.1. So bow down and get over it.

metalko koma says:

how about made-in-Korea?

John Roe says:

You know whats funny he hates Taiwan, yet one of the founders of YouTube is Taiwanese.
What a racist hypocrite.

Brian Moore says:

Stuff made out of Tiawan is GOOD not bad.

Jason Marshall says:

Nice video im getting a Yamaha Zuma 50 FX 2017.Check Out http://WWW.PlanetPowerSports.Com. ColdWarter Mi.

MM420 says:

Nice Zuma! Is it 2t or 4t? I wouldn’t worry about it being made in Taiwan. Taiwan isn’t China. I try to avoid Chinese parts like the plague. My Kymco is made in Taiwan and it’s never failed me. Knock on wood. Honda use to own Kymco. So again another Japanese company outsourcing to Taiwan. 🙂

TJ Asperger says:

this guy is a fucking idiot

Freddie Vega says:

I’m looking to buy one.2000-2013.

Alex Atrocity says:

Idk if to get this one or the Ruckus or another??? Uhg… So confused .

larrbaII says:

Yamaha’s Zuma (2013-2016) are one of the best scooters made for a 4T.(50cc fore stroke)
EFI,Water cooled,3 valve — you can’t go wrong. 2016 Zuma $2,600 new.
Why is this guy mad? I think he is confused with China scooters.

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