2017 Yamaha TMax DX Scooter Review

2017 Yamaha TMax DX Scooter Review

In this video I take a first look at the Yamaha flagship “Maxiscoot” the TMax DX. This luxuriously appointed 500cc machine is a scooter that has more in common with a conventional motorcycle in terms of its engine architecture. In this review I look at its riding characteristics as well as it’s unique motorcycle like features. STay tuned!

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manseated says:

hi TheMissendenFlyer — thanks for a great review. I couldn’t find one of these, so i “settled” for the Honda Forza 300ABS.. I wouldn’t say i’m “happy” —it’s a lot less bike — but a quality scooter nonetheless .. It now appears they will no longer import the T-Max to the U.S. .. so help me TMF .. my last “real” motorcycle was an XS-750E (yes, that one, 1978 haha).. i’m not happy on my Forza but it’s been a decent re-entry into the passion of motorcycling that i’d somehow set aside for, oh, thirty-five years.. i’m leaning toward the FJ-700 when (if) it makes it over here.. The other bike i’m hoping to see here is the Honda X-ADV.. Would love to hear your impressions of that new-category scoot~!

Nigel Tabb says:

You have to scroll to a menu item to adjust the screen?
That seems a bit cumbersome.

Nick Laskaris says:

Not a single white van!?

Nurgle Rider says:

It’s interesting hearing you say how you struggle to find something negative to say about any given bike you are reviewing. What I personally see is that though there are some occasional issues most of the negative things to say about them are either very minor annoyances or just personal preferences. I think this speaks volumes for the state of motorcycling today that the vast majority of bikes are really quite good and while you will find things that could be better, realistically the manufacturers have got things dialed in.

My first “bike” was a Honda Spree scooter (way back in the 80’s LOL) and while I personally don’t like them and wouldn’t have another scooter I can see how valuable they are for some people. The practical features they provide just can’t be argued with and it’s great to see you giving treatment on scooters for those folks who are interested in them.

james goodwin says:

They are very popular here in thailand,but they are more scooter oriented,I think it’s the scooter thing that turns people off,maybe the older guy who’s passed all that and just wants an easy riding machine,i must admit i do like the look of it,once again great review loving your work Mr flyer

J Hearne says:

Just couldn’t do it…lol

Nicholas Crocker says:

Shame you didn’t give it the beans down your favourite twisty road (in North Wales perhaps).

LazyApe_ says:

problem with the tmax in places like spain is that they are near 14 grand making it really expensive for your regular joe when you think that most people earn that in more than a year. I say this because Spain is a big market for scooters and maxiscooters

Jme Be says:

£10.8k… It’s good, but surely not worth that kind of money! I’ve never looked at buying a scooter – it is an appealing machine, but I would’ve guessed it would retail at around £5-£7k.. Imagine my surprise!

Paul Harrison says:

You’re very lucky to have a dealer with a Demo 530DX. My local Yamaha dealer couldn’t get me a bike even if I handed over a big bag of cash let alone a demo on one I’ll be sticking with my Mk1 T-Max for the time being !

Lod dude says:

Hi, as an old school non-scooter type, I assume this fireball has some kind of twist & go, one speed ‘treacle drive’ – in which case, why the rev counter? Also, as I couldn’t see any pedals anywhere (Bader would have loved it), is it just one brake lever for each wheel (as it seems) or are any of the discs linked? Now; if the 1960’s Triumph Tigress had been like this – who knows eh . . .

Rocking in a free world says:

Have you or could you review a Suzuki sv650? I’ve seen other reviews but I find yours more informative.

Frank Stocker says:

So you like the price? Nice review. Thanks.


You got all that little conveniences in some proper motorcycles, like the Honda 700 NCT or the Aprilia Mana 850, both with electronic clutch and helmet space. Both actually cheaper and better than this super-overpriced scooter.

Paul MacDonald says:

Now you have ridden both, is it worth the price of 2 xmax 300’s?

p4ndasr0ck says:

Deliveroo riders gonna be loving this ped.

Plopracer says:

I really like these big scoots, I would definitely consider one instead of a car for commuting and nipping about on. I might take the plunge in a few weeks when I retire and loose my company car rather than having the cost of running two motors, and it looks like much more fun than driving as long as you have the right gear on of course.

spartacus 8058 says:

Nearly £11k??? Yamaha are taking the piss. Whilst I love Maxi scooters and have owned a couple alongside my FJR1300….this is massively overpriced. Who needs traction control on a 40 something horsepower scooter, or engine modes? Sport mode on a scooter, seriously? I didn’t have any traction control on my 145 hp FJR 1300! If you need it on this bike I’d say….well I don’t really know what to say. I just traded my FJR in for a 115 hp Tracer 900 (FJ-09 in the US) and with quite a few add ons including a full set of Shad panniers, top box and a taller screen I had change from £11k. I can commute on my bike or go touring and scratch on the twisties with the luggage removed. You mention touring on this scoot – where would you put luggage for two people for a week or more? And where would my missus put her hairdryer and curling/straightening tongs LOL. Yes you can fit a top box and there is underseat storage but you cannot really fit panniers can you? In my view it cannot compete with a proper motorcycle and the flexibility it gives. You cannot fit a tank bag for touring either. If I lived in London, Paris etc. yes I would probably have one instead of a car, but used not new at that price. The price is absurd. (IMHO) OK for the high earners in the financial sector in London perhaps, but not for me.

Ian Du Rose says:

Just come back from Croatia, saw one of these there, looks great…

Peter Lewis says:

Your liking of scooters is getting me worried, will we see the GS going in P/Ex for a Maxi Scooter? The line between Maxi scooters and motorcycles is getting more and more blurred. I had a maxi scooter some years ago, but I didn’t get on with it, but they always intrigue me, especially the new Honda X-ADV ( I am waiting for your review of this machine)which has got a lot of bikers talking!! Keep up the good work.

Marcus Arrowsmith says:

Can you do a review of the Honda x adv, want one or maybe the tmax.

Steve Edwards says:

Another great scooter review – again I just wonder with long term use what the service costs/intervals are – and what mileage you get from the tyres?
That aside, they make perfect sense in so many ways.

Ex Dec says:

Eye opening vlog……… Food for thought if heading in to Town alot…..

Biker Paul says:

As you perhaps remember, I rode the FJR1300AE, however since that awful day back in May when my life changed completely, I am now planning to get back to biking sometime in the future but initially on a much lighter bike. Well enter this beauty! Thank you for your excellent review. Video liked. Ride safe.

FENNER-G says:

Awesome scooter but it would be like a magnet to the local “hoodies” unfortunately !! Shame, but I would be scared to have something like this in any of the major cities !

Boodieman72 says:

Hmmm, doesn’t seem like you can get this in the US 🙁

Graham Higby says:

Things have moved on since my G reg Honda Vision. I used to see how quick it could go down hill until it decided to throw off the drive belt.

Glenn Fryer says:

MF …. Great review, it’s nice to see alternative 2 wheel transport….., looks dam comfortable and practical…definitely enough power there for 2 up touring… I like it… don’t know about spending 10k though even if it has all the gismo’s …great review though!!!!

capailldubh says:

Had a three wheel Gilera Fuoco 500 for a while between my Blackbird and my HD.
Great fun to ride. I’d say very similar to the Tmax. On a GS now so sticking for now.
Will go back to a maxi scooter when I can’t get my leg over any more…

Phil Growcott says:

Never thought I would say this but I shall test ride one of these, in a couple of years, bought a new CB500X this year, so my wife would castrate me. Really enjoying your tour vlogs, I stayed up until 3am Saturday watched Wind River, then the North Coast 500 or 7?? enjoyed them both. As I mentioned a while ago, the Welsh one is in my old home ground so its a bit special for me. I did some of the A82, 4 years ago, stayed at Loch Lomond, did the run through Glencoe up to Fort William, brilliant ! I was on a newish GSF 1250n, there was an 08 Blade and an older but mint GSF 1250s, spent a few meal times in the Green Welly. PLEASE keep up the good work, Friday’s don’t come quick enough now. Stay Safe. Regards Grumpy

kiwi-on-a-bike 660 says:

Not my cup of tea.

Dean says:

Is it permitted to park on the central reservation like people were doing in that village?

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