2018 Yamaha NMax 125 Scooter Review

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Bamuele Saggio says:

I would love a comparison with PCX125 MY 2018.

Peter Wrench says:

Hahahah, a slight distraction at 3.12! Worthy of a walk around? Good review as usual.

TagzyBiker says:

When you think about the countries where scooters are really popular, makes you realise that our weather may have something to do with their lack of popularity here! Thanks for the review TMF, has made me miss zipping around south London on my Vision 110

iamtherealzombie says:

Pro tip: If the numbers at the top of the phone display aren’t counting up, you’re not recording 😉

At least we know you’re human now!

chriswallace959 says:

I went with a mate from college to pick one these up about a month ago. He had it in the red and it looks pretty good in person too. I was surprised by how nippy it was. He got over 100mpg on his first ride.

richard wilson says:

Could you do a review on a Suzuki Bergman 125 please thinking of getting one for my first scooter

Michael Dignum says:

Chilly day!! Its 25 – 30c. When was this filmed?

Torrent says:

Ah so it’s VTEC for scooters. Noted.

raymond dearden says:

Seeing a lot of the 155cc come in the repair shops here al seem to have front shock and steering bearing problems apart from that they seem good little machines

Scott Peterson says:

An interesting option – such a step up from mopeds that are popular with teens here in Michigan.

spidy9237 says:

tmf? mpg?

zedcharlie says:

Trailing link forks make the difference!

drewbydude says:

Be interesting to see you review the 2018 Honda Forza 125 and the 300 when it finally hits the showrooms in August..

Superior No1 says:

175kg wet? Yamaha official website states 127kg Dry Nearly 50kg with fuel and oil?

Colleen Hart says:

Nice review as usual. I did want to point out that the front disk looked a little dirty. It may have contributed to a weak brake impression.

Iain Ian says:

Definitely the way forward in the urban commute! Thanks TMF

masseyfergusonab says:

as a 2 year owner i can say, this is the one i m in love from all the bikes that i own.

Sam Down says:

It looks nice….only problem now is I see a scooter and my heart sinks!, it won’t last 30seconds parked in a UK town or city nowadays….the next time you see one of those it will have no plate, no ignition and pushing a stolen speed triple 🙁

hudsonrilke says:

Now, I see the point of these. Useful commuters, bit of luggage space. Better than that beached whale Suzuki burgman.

gbrand42 says:

Chilly winters day TMF? I guess this one has been on the subs bench for a while 🙂

Duncan Owen says:

I had a Yamaha Cygnus X 125. Lovely wee scooter, she’d done 20,000 miles riding on A roads.
Shame electrical issues put her to Bike graveyard

Motor Mouse says:

its a nice practical safe and efficient little bike, its my 1 and only bike 😛 I love riding around on it lol :P, its has small wheels so you will feel the bumps, potholes feel like craters.and it has ABS breaks, they are not sharp like your standard disc breaks, they are designed to stop the wheels from locking up after all 😛

virtualvortech says:

Congrats on 80k subscribers.

Garth Howe says:

I love these scooter reviews … I would really like one in addition to my large bike… seems like a perfect ‘grab and go” vehicle for trips around town.

James Weber says:

I think Yamaha have the best choice of motorcycles at the moment, followed by Kawasaki.

Toxic Chillz says:

On my cbr 125 that I had for a few years, I changed the chain and sprokets and went down a tooth in the rear and it made such a big difference when pulling away and accelerating. Obviously being a 125 it wasn’t stupidly fast but it definitely felt like more of a pull then the stock one!

Great video again!

megaloss says:

Thank you for the nice review, still been waiting for your Kawasaki Versys 300 review!

Frank Stocker says:

Soon you will have an electric scooter in your garage, one that has batteries you can swap out, plenty of carrying capacity for shopping and the power of a Tmax. It’s the future but at the moment manufacturers are ignoring it.

MackP says:

Lovely bit of camera work there, I always wanted an episode of “Behind the scenes with TMF”. 😀

Superior No1 says:

Iv always said Right Now the Yamaha Nmax is the Best 125 taking price in to consideration

Tony Trevino says:

80 k subscribers congratulations!


Do a review of the Tricity 155 .


Chilly ? ! (O . O) . . . but Mr. Flyer, it’s almost August ? ! You went to the North Pole on summer to test ride ?
18:15 that bus scared the ^&%$ out of me and I wasn’t riding on the scooter.

John Richards says:

Have you seen the the new Honda monkey bike? That’s surely got to be next on the list. Good vid. Your vids on scooters seem to be the most enthusiastic.

The Grumpy Biker says:

So a bit like a smaller V-Tec engine then?

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