2018 Yamaha Star Eluder First Ride Review

From the moment I thumbed the starter button, I knew I was going to like the 2018 Yamaha Star Eluder. The exhaust note just hit me in the right place and made me smile. Now, the Yamaha product development folks would say that it was because the dual mufflers were tuned to slightly different notes so that they would harmonize, creating a more pleasant tone. Whatever, it worked. And then I got to let out the clutch and pull away from the curb.

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Charles Carl says:

Inline 4s are the only way to go on any bike! period.

Adam100A says:

The most beautiful cruiser style bike I have ever seen.

mujari says:

at :54 you mean it’s based on the Road Glide

tom73055 says:

Are the control switches lighted on the handlebars?

Randy Pullman says:

Yawn…new goldwing is a better value

Graham Savage says:

Love the look of the girl, do you think this will becoming to Australia , and love you show.

Lucy Hiatt says:

75hp is a joke for something this big & heavy,if you wanna attract more buyers you have to get outta the stoneage Harley low HP mindset,torque is a BS number,HP is where its at ,the Goldwing is much faster & probably the HD’s are too ,that’s a sad statement,too little too late Yamaha this is 21st century

James Wilson says:

Is it a single pin crank or dual

Ian Mann says:

Great looking Bike ..not sure if we will get this in the UK..

James Scott says:

“Star Eluder” ?  wtf….what marketing genius came up with that name?


What a beautiful bike!!!! So nice to see serious options over Harleys. Sorry harley your overcharging because of your name and name alone are gone. The next gen of riders are coming up and harley is at the bottom of there list. Harley had there glory days now move over and let the next gen have there’s!

monsterMike62 says:

Definitely overpriced. Yamaha should have undercut the competition by a couple of thousand OR added a few features that the other baggers have close to this price range, ie. water cooling, reverse, and maybe 10 to 20 more horsepower. I like the styling, though the Street Glide has killer styling and the Indian Chieftain is such a beautifully monumental motorcycle. Too bad Kawasaki hasn’t updated the Vaquero. BMW’s offering is definitely a contender. Honda has its faithfull. Suzuki has no offering in this category. Whats up with that? For my money, I’d consider the Harley Street Glide, the Indian Chieftain and the BMW in that order.

Niidea1986 says:

Looks like a Harley Street Glide and a Honda Gold Wing had a baby.

Steven Bullfrog says:

I like this bike but I can’t believe for a 20k+ bike that they don’t offer an electric windshield, heal toe shifter and the phone connectivity is lacking. So you are going to drop some serious dime and then they will rape you for a heal toe shifter and once the blue tooth option is available they are going to rape you on that too. Ugg I just can’t stand shady corporate pigs like that. I’m looking at all of the big touring baggers to upgrade my Kawasaki Vaquero since they never update that machine and because of this bs at best it is going to get only an honorable mention, which is sad because at first glance I was really excited about this bike and I hear it rides very well. Maybe once these are a few years old I’ll look at them again on the secondary market and if the price comes down enough I could get passed what the corporate pigs have left off this bike.

paul greenwood says:

Just fit it with machine guns and call it the Law-Master…!!!!

SilentXSails says:

I did a test ride on this bad boy today. This was by far the best bike I’ve ridden.

Warren J. Goss, Jr. says:

I am looking at the Eluder and two other bagger/touring bikes to purchase this spring. I am concerned about the Eluder being air cooled in 100 degree Dallas. Can anyone give me some feedback on how this bike would perform in traffic in the heat?

Graham Savage says:

Like your reviews, do you think the bike will becoming to Australia.

smalltalk.productions says:

thanks for the vid. thumbs up.

Lifted_Above says:

Most guys commenting around here aren’t familiar with big air cooled Vtwins. I guess.

Al P says:

I do hear issues with the HP. Sadly, a lazy bike to rev speed. Also, too much heat out of the fins. Air cooled…mmmmmmm. If I have to keep my legs open while at a light due to a BBQ heat, will not do good for me. Bless the FJR…period !!!!!

Caleb Mitchell says:

Song counseling naked growth principal enormous undermine mall chronic in lawsuit hope.

deepsquat600 says:

damn thats as ugly as a harley

Douglas Elliott says:

Why is BMW(and now Honda) the only motorcycle manufacturers willing to acknowledge that the ubiquitous telescopic fork is plagued with engineering shortcomings that only intensify as the weight of the motorcycle increases?
Aside from the massive, wheel-base shortening, handling affecting ‘brake dive’ as well as low speed ‘bump-steer’ inherent in heavy softly sprung motorcycles. Telescopic forks and their ball or roller-bearing equipped steering stems offer only redundant (and costly) maintenance concerns.
The Hossack(Duo-lever) found on BMW’s K1300 &K1600 as well as Honda’s new Goldwing, and the Saxon-Motodd(Tele-lever) on the BMW GS1200 and R1200RT both support the weight of the bike on one or two automotive type ball-joints. And BOTH supply full and supple suspension travel under the hardest braking.

My 1994 R1100s BMW with a ‘Telelever’ front suspension took me 120,000-miles before I finally needed to replace the single ‘spring over shock’.

My 2006 K1200R (Duo-lever) currently has over 62,000-miles with zero issues to date.

After only 14,000 total miles; a Triumph Rocket III I purchased ‘used’ with 7,100-miles needed both fork seals replaced and a full maintenance on the steering stem and its Timken Roller-bearings ($600+).

I guess most manufacturers simply plan on service warranties timing-out long before the average consumer reaches12,000 miles.

RadRich says:

_What can I tell you about this review_ ?

derweibhai says:

Eluder? Must be one of those weird Japanese translations like “tootling your horn at the merry dog”.

J Thom says:

TwentyThreeThousandDollars! Whew. . . My last car cost less than that. My last mo’sickle cost half that. That said, one day I’d like to have something in this class. Pitty about the prices, but dem is what dey is.

This does look well done tho. Cant deny that.

Michael Langlie says:

Having had the Stratoliner with the theoretically same engine. I’m curious as to what happened to the horsepower ? My strat bone stock put up a dyno number of 97.3 hp and 105.8 torque.

yanuar adil says:

Muscle bike

roguesquatcher says:

I’ll stick with my ’18 Street Glide… better hp and torque for similar $$$$

Snake Bite says:

This Yamaha is a serious contender for my next bike.  Been looking at the 2018 HD Street Glide, 2018 Indian Chieftain and the 2018 Yamaha Eluder.  H-D is a definite no go, as it stands right now, Indian is winning my money but the Yamaha is a very close 2nd, but i like the fact there is more after-market for the Indian than Yamaha and with the new 116 Big Bore stage 3 upgrade for the Indian, im pretty certain i will be getting the Chieftain.

seanys says:

I doubt we’ll see this bike in Australia and I couldn’t afford it, anyway, but I sure would love to ride one. It would replace both my ST1300 and V-Star 1300.

KindredGh0st says:

2 words.

Valve adjustments.

Why… Why would they put this engine on a bike designed to be ridden extensively?

Larry House says:

Never understood such large bikes. Just go sit in your living room on your couch.

Maya Julien says:

Furniture could wonder mwiboh committee utility distinguish suburban closer ie broad hungry.

Jazz Man says:

Yo this right here is the perfect example of why harley Davidson is slowly starting to go out of business.

TTT S says:

$24,000 HA HA! Have fun competing wit the New Gold Wing at the same price! This ting is a boat anchor!

San Jose del Cabo Sportfishing says:

Picked up an Eluder in Edmonton, Alberta Canada about 2 months ago. Put 1000 km on it in Alberta so I could get the first service done then rode solo for 8 days, 5864 km from Edmonton to Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico. Great ride on a great bike!

William Harper says:

I read these reviews. Haters gonna hate. You boys are gonna have to ride it and the venture before you understand it and pass judgement.

James White says:

Is text HP and Torque be the same on the Eluder GT as the regular Eluder? If so, what’s the Specs?

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