2018 Yamaha TMax 530 SX (LAMS) Bike Review

Yamaha have updated the famous TMax for 2018, with the SX version available in Australia.

True to the spirit of a maxi-scooter, the TMax 530 SX is designed for long distances and great comfort, with a wide seat, two footwell positions, Ride Modes, and a Traction Control System.

A twin-cylinder powerplant offers strong performance, especially for a restricted LAMS (Learner) machine, with supersport style brakes offering plenty of stopping power.

That extra width makes the TMax a little less suitable for slipping through traffic in the inner-city suburbs, but it’s still a formidable commuter, with great balance and power delivery from down low.

You can read our full test at BikeReview.com.au.


TheGolden Hour says:

Have you reviewed the Aprilia SRV 850? I have the 300cc a very nice sporty scooter, just adding Diablo Pirelli tyres and Malossi brakes…

mark angelo Garcia says:

service cost of this scoot is damn high rather buy a kymco ak550

pengasus says:

As nice as it is, it is about the same price with c650 gt. Not sure if it’s worth choosing over the bmw which comes with heated seats, hand warmers, adjustable windscreen etc etc. And believe it or not, servicing costs much less. It is a nice bike but hard to justify the price tag. Especially when you consider the price tag of an mt-09


Does it have cruise control ? very important equipment on long drives.

opengates777 says:

Can it ride on A2 licence?

staninjapan07 says:

This seems like a good place to ask…
I have just bought a 2017 (2018) Tmax 530 DX brand new. Don’t congratulate me. I’m very disappointed. Between about 3,750 – 4,750 RPM it sounds like a broken washing machine. It seems to be the way they are made. I thought the test-ride model had been modified, but now it seems not. I cannot keep the bike if I cannot make it quiet. Who buys a scooter for relaxed cruising and then listens to an incessant drone noise at cruising RPM?
QUIET exhaust recommendations, PLEASE!

Adam Priest says:

Just a word of warning… The service costs of Tmax ownership are pretty high. I have a 2016 iron max and have done 25k in that time.The 20k service was $1400 alone not including new brake pads brembo work better than the OEM pads and Dr pulley 16gr weights for the variator to take the lag out of the cvt transmission you can add another $250 for that plus around $600 for tyres Pirelli. If you use it as a commuter as I do you need to factor that into ownership.

1990 says:

Forgot to say: great review.

Stevesau says:

Never considered a scooter. Being able to ride it on open roads makes it a great alternative to other bikes. Pretty cool machine.

Tamiya Fan says:

Could a backrest be added along with top and even side bags to make a half decent long distance touring rig?

opengates777 says:

I’ve bought a Yamaha Tmax 530cc 2014 but the bike does not have enough space to fit a helmit under the seat

1990 says:

Oh, so this was the bike whose floorboards you were sitting on when you did that helmet review.

you should see if you can test the Honds X-ADV 750.

Master Crafter says:

Very good review there. I’m wondering though, what about that seat for shorter people? Like 1.70 for example? Is it going to be fine on traffic lights where’s you have to stop and reach the ground or maybe a pain in the ass?

Mars Dear says:

if you want the difference t max 530 but it’s too expensive at the price

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