2019 Yamaha NIKEN First Ride Review! – On Two Wheels

What has three cylinders, three wheels, and does wheelies? Yamaha’s Niken, of course! This new three wheeler is powered by an MT-09 engine but has a funky front end that puts two 15-inch wheels on the ground. Who is it for, how does it work, and what’s it like to ride? We answer these questions and more in this episode of OTW.


QuietStormX says:


R Soul says:

Come on, I don’t understand why people don’t get this thing, after all, Yamaha gave us the GTS1000 a while back and you still see them everywhere, they sold millions of them and rewrote history, of course they know how to revolutionise the front of a bike.

sostareci says:

I don’t understand what is the purpose of this bike. Unless you are 80 years old and you need three wheels

Mark Mark says:

So none of the critics here have obviously gone down a steep windy mountain road hard and lost the front, otherwise you would understand where it will excell..

Neil Roberts says:

im sorry but it looks a pile of shit

The Fridge says:

Yeh, no. Three is still the wrong number.

blthetube1 says:


Richa Pereira says:

Safe bike. Outta the box thinking. Attracting a newer audience. Gives you more confidence. End of the day. No matter how much better two wheels are, they do make lovely organ donors. Imagine if your handicaped ( a growing market / problem). Then this bike may fit the bill.

Cybop Fan says:

Doubles the price of an normal yamaha motocycle

Stew giglygigly says:

In europ you need a moto licence for 2 wheels moto. That’s expensive and take long time. But with 3 wheels moto you can drive it just with car licence.

Prince John's Mole says:

I wasn’t convinced . . . till it wheelie’d. now i’m on board. Gotta admit it looks pretty badass lifting all that front end into the air

Jermaine Huell says:

there’s nothing else to be done to a sportbike to make it more fun other than appearance. dats some batman-matrix movie shit

Brandon Edge says:


Robert Wielinga says:

You missen the Carver, very good leaning 3 wheeler. Top Gear was very enthusiastic about it. But it was too expensive. This Niken has one USP. On bad roads it gives you very much confidence because of grip and balance. But that is a small basis for the extra money over a 900 Tracer.

Seán O'Nilbud says:

Why four shocks instead of two, why two massive wheels and discs. It looks like it was built by a car builder no consideration for weight.

quinla01 says:

There is a market for this they didn’t mention. In some European countries, UK being one, this is classified as a trike and can legally be ridden by anyone over 21 with a regular car driving license. Piaggio have capitalised on this. There are thousands in London & pretty much every MP3 you see isn’t ridden by a biker wanted a different type of ride, it’s a driver who doesn’t have the time / effort / skill to get a motorbike license. Legally, you don’t even need a helmet. Scary enough on a 500cc MP3 but this has just upped the game.

Louis Gooden says:

I would really like to see if can drive off road, kind of apocalyptic all kinds of terrain kind of bike with semi trail tires.

iron monkey says:

too bad they didn’t develop a v4 superbike engine instead

Nathan Louie says:

This thing is giving me the weirdest boner

Test Test says:

Really torn between the TW200 and this

ubertser says:


By Film says:

Fuckk where wheeile fuck !

Jean Rey Hinaut says:


mcstaal says:

Wouldn’t it outbrake any 2 wheeled bike?

Walter Wilkins says:

Kind of like why a bike needs three wheels in the first place, there’s a reason why there’s more three-wheeled bikes in Paris than any other city. However, nobody knows that reason either. Like this three sentence comment; kind of useless?

Kevin Chamberlain says:

So an extra front wheel adds grip? Great, lets put an extra one on the back, too and then we got a…… a fuckin’ quad.
Bike – the clue is in the name!!!

Beyroutal says:

Id rather ride my own dick then that ugly fuck

Marlod Na says:


Radhwen Abbadi says:

Salam alaikum. I want you to help me. I am Radhwan from Tunisia. A poor person. I dream of riding on a Kawasaki or other motorcycle even if it is used, but I can not buy it if there is a mercy in your heart. Help me, I do not want to die and this security remains in my heart. radhwen abbadi From Tunisia, Sidi Bouzid, the new market, post no. 9121 (compt facebook Radhwen Abbadi)

Either Or says:

About time. Now we need a Honda’s

HadesOmega Moto says:

Haha I’m watching this after a couple months of watching it and I just realize you guys did a show together with a sidecar f’n awesome

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