FIRST RIDE: 2017 Yamaha NVX 155 Malaysian review – RM10,500

The Yamaha NVX 155 scooter is a sportier alternative to the NMax and the Honda PCX. It has ABS as standard and plenty of tech like auto stop/start and keyless start. So, how does it ride and at RM10.5k, is it a good buy? Watch to find out.

Full review and gallery here:


Erik Yong says:

Where is that car park???

Life of Darshan says:

thank you for writing down the motorcycle price. i love this video

yuen liaw says:

I like mohan and any new vlog about yamaha Y15zr?

zamzuri zakaria says:

Best degnar spiking brothers nee…sangat mudah faham walah pun BI aku dapat D jee…;-)

Karlo Santiago says:

Thank you for speaking english for your review!

Maarten Kneiseler says:

looks like a decent bike. im still very happy with my 10km daily commute on my nmax around kl. very practical indeed. i do recommend yamaha scooters

Bryan Lau says:

best speaker for motorbike review so far, review is comprehensive and should support it


cantek video…lain mcm gambo

Antimortem says:

definately a good buy. but, yamaha has one serious quality problem with fit and finish, body plasticw rattle like tamborine?! and almost all the time use low quality shock absorbers.but reliability, power, features, looks & value is best in class.

Don Falcone says:

i love that sexy head

michael ousborne says:

Booking Dr bln 8 tp smpai sekarang tak dpt lg… Apekehel hlym?

Khairi says:

can someone recommend me a beginner scooter? i do not know how to ride a bike, thinking of getting a license at the end of the year. MRR2 traffic is getting ridiculous… i’m looking for easy maintenance and it doesn’t need speed…

MrKronen75 says:

The way he prononce ‘rear’ is Unsettling


finally, someone who speaks english. i subscribed just for that.

Zakki says:

In indonesia aerox 155 with keyless only on S version,

jake alvaran says:

Nice color

Jesus Kryst says:

Great review.


Is that gear system?

robertas janusauskas says:

best review yet!

Tyranix says:

For your info, this one was called ‘Aerox’ in Indonesia!

Andrew Howden says:

Why are bikes so ugly?

Milton Waddams says:

For whatever magical reason, this cool color is not available in the Philippines. Thanks for the review, I’m starting to doubt if I should get it – seems to have a fair share of problems.

Jonal bungabong says:

Very nice review

Zint1Ruto says:

OMG Yes!! ABS should be installed for all future bikes

The pussy eater says:

I will buy one color black

Kash Bill says:

lc auto?

Lem Adane says:

its called AEROX here in the Philippines.

Zulhelmi Rozmi says:

kalau jatuh motor tu. mau tak jahanam exzos bhai..

budakcelake says:

I like Mohan

Moto Martin says:

Good thing there’s an english speaking malaysian channel. Mostly malaysians are very good in reviewing motorcycles but speaking in their language, obviously that is a big disadvantage to foreign subscribers like me. Thank you for this channel. More power!

1990 says:

The best Aerox review I have seen.

b km says:

i want one, kl highly congested, tol every where and petrol roses high

Trent Thai says:

very good review – thumbs up

Andrew Chan says:

It’s the best looking scooter I’ve ever seen.

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