GY6 qmb139 50cc scooter tips and review

Great tips on owning and riding a chinese scooter


Jozef Sedlak says:

Hi, do you think it will ease carry 2 people? I am planning on buying one, but not sure whether 50cc is enough. Maybe I need 125cc? Thank you.

Ryan Elliott says:

he had everything right except for the air filter part. I have a 50cc Peace Sport scooter one of those blue air filters on bigger carburetor and a better exhaust my scooter goes all the way up to 65 and takes off a whole lot faster than when it did when it was stock I now have over 2000 miles on it and still runs like it’s brand new. Did these modifications When the scooter only had 15 miles on it. a whole lot safer too

John Mcbastard says:

Thank you for the tips

Davis Brown says:

How much did you pay for this scooter? i want a scooter for college and don’t know if I want to spend the money for a honda ruckus or buy something like this. I probably need something 49cc so I don’t have to register it and pay insurance on the scooter. I would just be riding from my off campus housing to campus.


You don’t need to mix gas and oil, I’ve got two 4 strokes and one 2 stroke scooter, my 2 stroke has separate tanks like a 4 stroke, the only thing is you have to use 2 cycle oil

Wayne Rhea says:

dont like all of the manufacturers use the same or similar parts so I don’t know how that is more reliable than a taotao.

Zerotech says:

I was wondering about the reliability of those chinese scooters, you did mention Tao Tao that they are not reliable, and this one seems to work better.

In Australia where I live these bikes are not permitted to be ridden here due to compliance and standards quality issue.

Do you agree that chinese scooters have improved since then?

Abe Caleb says:

Bro you sound like Jason Mantzoukas.

Kyle , says:

Where Did u buy

Big T Gaming says:

the 2 stroke oil goes into a different area so you can just fill it with normal unleaded petrol that what I do on my Yamaha jog rr

Lysle Basinger says:

Thanks for the review and no music! Mine is a 2017 TAOTAO Thunder and I have ordered a carb and ignition upgrade. I’d like to get mph in the low 40’s to keep up with traffic easier.

owen snipes says:

Can you please put the website

Kyle M. says:

Carbs for those are like $20 not $70

Kairo Walbrook says:

Thanks for the video. I will be 16 in 4 months and I’m going to get a scooter to get around easier. I’m really excited but a little nervous as I’m not used to riding on roads. Also, thanks for the heads up about potholes etc. I wouldn’t want to be coming off lol

Chris Anderson says:

a lot of the 2-stroke scooters are oil injected so you can fill up anywere


spend some money on a real brand not a chinese rip off,

Robert Reaves says:

i have honda scooter 3’0000 dollars

Abdullah Qaiser says:

thanks bro helped me out alot

MrCaptainCrazy says:

Nice bike. I just got a Wolf V150. This video taught me a few things.

A Tray Of Eggs says:

i own a 49cc scoot myself, mine is modified and has filters (which you said don’t do) ?
whats your reason for this.
as increasing the performance which alot of scooters have but haven’t been touched because your putting people off the fact of performance.
filters increase performance and engine Life span.
if it runs to much air the adjust the needles to make it match witg the upgrades

Arthur Bradley says:

Quincy looks so nice.

Alec Smith says:

Well you are talking about 2 strokes on mopeds a lot of 2 strokes pre mix it for you and has gas on one side and oil on the other like my old Yamaha zuma

Fred Suero says:

good work

Flipnred78 says:

“Sweet Jesus” …lmao…..decent review.

steve serval says:

you need a “M2” license for that right?

Chayse Desrosiers says:

my 2 stroke is oil injected

SMK2182 says:

Bit funny that I got mine for 400€ some parts are different on mine but the frame and the plastics are the same. Mine is branded Milan sport speedjet. If u had the pd18j as an original carb then I dont know why u took it off. I just adjusted mine and the thing starts with one kick and the spedometer showed 50km/h 2 up ( I don’t trust it) I live in Finland if that makes any differences

TheLogiKings says:

Great Video!
Love your Scooter, cant find it here in europe as gmw r1!
The Name in Europe is Znen F22 but cant find in Blue chassis and red Brake/Spring
Yours Look Great!

Karp Calmari says:

I have a cheap “TaoTao”-like Chinese 49cc moped, and they’re FINE. If you just want an inner city transportation, it’s what you should get.

joshua hodgins bwfc casual says:

Looks alright mine goes fifty easily wow yours is shit

anubis1100 says:

the 2 stroke scooters have oil injection, so you CAN just go to a gas station and fill up. and with the oil injection you only have to fill the oil tank every 5-6 gas tank fills, depending on how the oil pump is adjusted.

Arron Goodwin says:

subbed 🙂 Good review, Keep it up

dylan johnston says:

nearly every moped or 50cc scooter that is 2 stroke has oil injectors so no mixing

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