Honda PCX125 vs Yamaha NMAX – Scooter Review

Bike Social put Britain’s best selling powered two-wheeler, the Honda PCX125 against Yamaha’s all new NMAX on the road! These learner friendly A1 licence compliant 125s provide practical and economical commuting. Read our full review at:


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Action footage recorded on Drift Ghost-S and Stealth 2


Tanlocdong tyte says:


Erwin Stolz says:

what a crappy audio

Alan Hayward says:

A little windy that day, made for awful audio quality. No mention of under seat storage capacity, which is a deal breaker for most scooter buyers. Just a poorly made comparison video.

Lorenzo says:

Horrible review.

Uncle Meat says:

2:17 I think the Honda looks better. It looks sleeker.

Justiceforall Justiceforall says:

i have both of them…..i dont know why but i feel morr comfortable with yamaha nmax

xX-GARCÍA-Xx says:

la Nmax le da 1000 vueltas a la pcx

T-75 Proto says:

Depending on the length of your legs, one thing the nmax does have is forward foot positioning with the design of the foot boards. Ive sat on the nmax and it is super comfortable with having your legs extended. The pcx doesnt have the same foot board design and has less room so not as comfortable, especially on a long journey if you fancy stretching your legs. Yamaha looks a good 125 and i want one

Uncle Jane says:

2:54 You don’t like it because you feel it pulsing and kicking in? That means it’s working correctly you dumbass.

Ferdian Tanjung Mandahiling Koto says:

Made in Indonesia. 155cc Indonesian and Asian market. 125cc European and South American market.
Tips: get original accessories from Yamaha such as better rear suspension, higher windshield and many others plus replace the exhaust with R9 Misano series racing exhaust (warning: standard exhaust will result 47 kilometer per 1 liter gasoline: 47 km/1 ltr. While with R9 Misano series exhaust will increase the power and faster but decrease efficiency which is just 40 km/ 1 ltr depend on our driving behaviour, i always get around 38-44 km/ 1 ltr with Misano R9. Fuel; “Pertamax” from “Pertamina”).

anastasios eski says:

Very good!

Tiago Ruivo says:

horrible review… full of lies and highly bias towards the Honda… and I’m an Honda person…

Farid Raditia says:

the comparation sounds more like FBH (Fan Boy Honda). No apple to apple specs comparation nor technical test. The video only shows much of riding recording and personal opinion of the host about riding experience.

Upul Prasanna says:

yamaha nmax more powerful than pcx150.. cozy I already have pcx150. . to papers of it 110.. and yamaha nmax to papers was 135.

Kai Bayraktar says:

RIP my Left Ear (⌒-⌒; )

Kelly Krall says:

Foam microphone cover please…..
I have a PCX and I love it. Yamaha sure has a lot more high spec engine for only .5 hp more and less fuel efficiency and lordy, who would want to service a VVT 4-valve?

Sean Nunis says:

get a proper microphone dude

Tansengco Carmelo says:

I’ve always been a Yamaha boy and I do like the styling of the NMax better but truth be told, you can’t go wrong with either one of these.

EinkOLED says:

I had my pcx stolen early this year. I was going to replace it with another pcx but I may need to test ride the nmax. A bigger engine would be better but I like the lighter design and fuel efficiency and it will never replace my versys.

Sebastián Corral says:

That’s it?

fingerhorn4 says:

How did this video get past Bennet’s quailty control (if there is such a thing)? Terrible video quality, dreadful sound, and not too informative either. Not up to usual standards chaps.

Alan Hayward says:

The rear shocks on the PCX are awful, just lets the bike down, I sold mine for that reason…

photographerjonathan says:

have you compared the 155 Nmax vs 150 pcx ?

pooinsky says:

unwatchable review, horrible audio

Gary Green says:

the pcx 125 bike rocks no1

Carlos Lozano says:

looks sound, it is impossible to understand what you say

Shiba-inu SoBoROCK says:



Fake Name says:

Rip headphone users…

Upul Prasanna says:

yamaha nmax more powerful than pcx150.. cozy I already have pcx150. . to papers of it 110.. and yamaha nmax to papers was 135.

Duje Peričić says:

Guys i love Tmax so much and i don’t have money for Tmax so i buy Nmax. I am so happy with Nmax its the best little 125cc scooter for me.

Judge Starkey says:

The pcx 125 has abs too, plus idle stop, and it’s handle bars look better lol, plus I have one so I’m biased, 🙂

Frenchcrop says:

bad audio, as ever.

OverLander says:

My Dad owns the PCX while I have the Nmax despite being a Honda guy. For me it is the Nmax all the way. Rode them back to back. Nmax is way more stable than the PCX. It gives you more confidence unlike the PCX which feels very light in the front wheel, something I did not like. If you are in doubt whether it is PCX or Nmax, test them back to back.

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