I pop my scooter cherry! – 2017 Yamaha X-Max 300 Review

I pop my scooter cherry! – 2017 Yamaha X-Max 300 Review

For some reason big scooters aren’t popular in the UK and hence I’ve never ridden one before. In this video I pop my scooter cherry and have my first ride on a 2017 XMax 300 from Yamaha. Not only do I talk about this particular bike but I also look at what the differences are between a scooter and a “normal” motorcycle. Stay tuned to find out more….

Thanks to Brian Gray’s Powerbiking in High Wycombe for making this review possible.

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Peter Lewis says:

Scooters in this Country have some sort of stigma attached to them. There are many good scooters out there but they are poor sellers. Look at the BMW 650GT or Suzuki Bergman 650 bigger scooters that should do the job of touring etc. but are poor sellers, part of that would probably down to cost 10K ish, Honda seem to be trying to cross the scooter/ motorcycle boundary with the X-ADV which I have heard good things about, and they are currently in short supply in this country due to good sales!! Maybe you could get one to review, it would be interesting to get your point of view.
Myself, I tried a Suzuki Bergman 650 some years ago and was disappointed, great for going down the shops etc, but tried a tour in Ireland on it, ended up selling it for a huge loss when I got back home. 
Don’t get me wrong I think they have there place, especially if you were getting older and wanted to keep riding a two wheeled machine, twist and go, and step through to get on, would be a great help.
But sadly for me they didn’t work, although the Honda X-ADV has got me thinking.
Keep up the good work, enjoyable review as always.

Hec Thor says:

Scooters also have an image problem here in Mexico. They are seen as ¨girls bikes¨ or ¨not real motorbikes¨. The funny thing is that about 70% of the motorbikes on the road here are 300cc or 125cc used as commuters. Yet most stay away from scooters.

Daniel Brown says:

One ugly looking machine, that color does not help either.

zedcharlie says:

The cvt is very simple and lighter and you are always in the torque. I,ve ridden dct honda,s which is probably better on a big bike but much more complex and may cause probs when a few years old?The cvt is rollers and pulleys working on centrifugal force, simple but very clever if you get my drift!

Louis Tindell says:

Good stuff mate. I rode the same bike and thrashed it hard around High Wycombe. Good fun. You should review the new T-Max DX even more smiles.

Alan Crease says:

I was interested in this review as I ride a maxi scooter myself, a Piaggio Beverly 350, and I know the dealership as I live in Marlow. I’m not aware of the snobbery against scooters that you mention. Maybe because I don’t hang out with big bike riders. I’ve been on several tours of Germany on my scooter, so I can assure you that they are capable for long distances too. My only criticism of this review – you should have jumped onto the M40 at Handy Cross, so that you did a motorway stretch at motorway speeds. I am sure that would have impressed you too.

LincsLass 125 says:

I’d love one of these! Very good looking scooter. I have a Suzuki Burgman 125 atm. I’d like to do the direct access course to get a larger capacity machine but struggle with the manual handling manoeuvre. They don’t do training for automatic licence unless it’s just a 125… I love the twist and go functionality.

Joke says:

Brill videos keep em coming

monck55 says:

There’s a Kawasaki J300 scooter rider near me – must be a former test pilot or something judging by the speed he goes.

William Dent says:

I grew up as a surfer in Sydney and had about as much coolness as I can stomach …. Therefore I’ve happily uncooly owned several scooters including an MP3 …..I love the comfort on the maxi scooters , I still love bikes but hey if it’s got wheels and you ride it that’s cool enough for me …

Flatcap007 says:

Tested a Tmax 500 on Majorca for a few days and loved its versatility and storage under the seat, wouldn’t hesitate owning one as second bike.m

Joseph Phillips says:

I absolutely LOVE scooters! They’re so practical and fuel efficient. I have a Triumph Bobber but I live so close to work it isn’t worth warming up the big bike so I got a 50cc Honda Ruckus 110 mpg! I live a mile from work. Paid for itself in no time

Rob Smith says:

Enjoyed that, how about a test of the Honda adventure scooter ?

John says:

Hi Tmf, luved this vid! yh scootes are marmite, great review as usual, could you get a 4 pint bottle of milk under that seat? Just curious!? The Tracer is great fun btw!

Vasco Pais Brandão says:

I have one and I ride it every single day. In fact, it’s my main means of transportation. I use the Super Tenere for long trips and weekend trips and ride my xmax 300 on a daily basis. You have plenty of power (you could easily overtake that car, no problem at all). You can travel with a cruise speeed of about 130 Km/h, without forcing the engine to much. Ideal for 60 Kms commutes. I’ve always had scooter along with a conventional motorcycle, it a way to use two wheels everyday in a more practical and economical way. I can travel 320 Kms on a fuel tank and fill it up with “no money”. Love it!

gmcphoto says:

I ride an ST1300 and had a Suzuki Burgman 650 pull up next to me at a traffic light. The guy had a go at me and let me tell you those freaking scooters are pretty darn fast. While I did obviously take him I never thought I’d have to hammer the throttle as hard as I did. Honestly I was beyond impressed with its performance.

Geoff Gyro says:

Can you make a comparison with the VESPA 300 ?

Trevor Ford says:

Agreed with every word you said. Bought my first twist and go last year, a Honda 300 Forza, and its great a fantastic way to get around on two wheels. I’ll always have a motorbike but I wont be without my scooter! Thanks for the review and spreading the word(its been a well kept secret for too long)

Jeffrey Hurst says:

I’m in America, what are the jagged painted lines on the road? Roughly 2:48 on the video. Seems like they are mostly in town.

Robert Belcher says:

Whats the max speed on one of these and could you tour on one?

Mark Winfield says:

Why compromise, get a bike.

Dean says:

You’ll be doing bicycle reviews next!

Yar D Blah says:

spend most of my teenage years on a scooter back in the naughties..you can’t beat em for practicality and they can be fun.. think my generation bought them back into popularity..but the pizza boys and bike thieves give em a bad rep. had a 180cc italjet dragster that felt like a rocket..lord knows what 300-500cc feels like!

andyjamess says:

My parents had a couple of cars with a CVT box. (Lexus GS450h and a Nissan Murano) Wonderful pieces of kit.

ondro727 says:

Sold my GFX650F when my daughter was born (no prospect of longer trips for some years) and bought a scooter for commuting (PCX). After one year I am back to bike (Duke390). Yes, scooter is cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run, fun to drive, practical, load of storage space (especially with additional topcase), but… But I missed the feeling of a regular motocycle too much. If I can have both, that would do it. Choosing only one (even when 90% of my driving is commuting), I’d go for motocycle any day. Great review BTW, as usual. But calling X-Max 300 a “baby” scooted sounds funny 🙂 Here (Slovakia) 90% of scooters are 125ccm or less…

Simoncelli 58 says:

I hired a T-Max 430 on Majorca a few years ago. It was fantastic, even two-up, great handling and brakes and plenty of go. On a BMW European tour a few years ago one couple had a BMW C650 GT. They certainly didn’t hang about and were easily riding as fast as the rest of the group. They said it had more luggage capacity than their GS and was 10 times easier to manhandle as well as get on/off!

aaron harris says:

Hello and thanks putting this review up on your channel. I currently use my honda integra nc700 for my commute through the capital but miss the agility of the a 125 scooter and basically wish for a lighter weight machine. I dont care about the image issues of scooters the majority of London commuters use these as quite simply they do the job of getting to work every day of the year very well. This xmax 300 is probably one of the best mid maxi scooters. I have visually inspected this one against the bigger brother tmax. The fit and finish is much better on the latter but then it’s over twice the price! This bike is as light as my old Honda s-wing 125 but much more powerful yet still economical on fuel, tax tyre etc. I think I will buy a newly new one poss new early next year then have a second bike in the future. Thanks for the positive review it’s been helpful to me. Regards Aaron

Kevin Westwood says:

Scooters outsell motorcycles in Europe by a large margin,never ridden one personaly,but they look great things, but the bigger t maxs are almost the same price as an mt 10.

On Yer Bike says:

The best scooter I’ve ever ridden (and owned) is the Piaggio Beverly 350 ST. 330cc, plenty of storage, 19 inch front wheel so more stable than the maxi scooters, and nippy. 85mph no problem.

Mike The Bike says:

Will be swapping in my Tiger 1050 for one of these…the UK bikers have the wrong attitude to scooters. No chain aggro, no storage problems, cheaper tyres and servicing, uses virtually no fuel, easy to clean, comfortable, great weather protection, amazing handling, low emissions, what’s not to like?. You said the UK biker bias yourself here Missenden…. You’d want one with a bigger engine. Bikers need to stroke their ego and have pub bragging rights; the sooner we wake up and adopt the European relationship with these awesome scoots the better.

Romano op den Kelder says:

Here in Holland you probably see more scooters. Yes I own a Xmax 300 and ride it whenever I can. Practical, but most of al its fun. The LED lights, speed, comfort and safety features are great. Motorcycle riders even put their hands up for you, so I guess we scooter riders are an excepted group here. For the record, the Xmax 300 goes from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 second and has a top of 140km. More then enough and overtaking a truck of something that goes slower isn’t a problem. Thank you for your review.

Sir Ride A Bit says:

With 345 comments its probably been said but stick another 20 mirrors on it and it might increase the cool factor again or in today’s society 20 phones hanging off it. Nice review one of these days I might have a go on one myself.

João Serra says:

TMF you should test drive the new Honda X-Adv i would like to hear your thoughts on that since is the best mix of motorcycle and scooter. Cheers

Mike The Bike says:

Great review as usual Tmf.

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