Kawasaki J125 Scooter Review

Suzy jumps on the latest scooter from Kawasaki and makes up her own category.


Peter Gunton says:

nice informed review. makes me want to buy one.

A_Wise_Young_Man says:

3:09 That camera angle annoys the shit out of me. Why do they insist on doing this?

les biker says:

I bought one of these 4 months ago spent more time in dealers getting repaired now it’s going to Kawasaki for them to fix 4 weeks off road Kawasaki fairing but has a kymco engine

Kaustubh Rajpathak says:

In india we have 125 scooters for 500 british pounds brand new from the likes of honda and suzuki. So pricing a 125 at 3799 is pretty overpriced

poatatoecouch7 says:

whats the music in the beginning?

Gary Lowe says:

I bet she looks bloody cute when she’s angry. lol.

LueXiong10 says:

More Suzy please! She’s fit and loves bikes; nothing better than that!

Albert Tran says:

70 mph on a 125?

Goodo1234 says:

Thought this channel was called bike world!

rockafella1690 says:

Slick interview.

AnOddGamerChannel says:

Good, review. I agree with the review being done on home soil, it makes for a more accurate review I think.

Chazillor says:

£3799 for a 125 scooter? What planet is anyone on who buys one

John Jones says:

I thought that was a really good review of the J125. The scooter would go down very well here in Bali.

Motomatic says:

another Kymko clone?

The Baik's says:

125 cc for that big booty scooter?

Noel Burger says:

70 mph 125 what!!

Vinicius Lima says:


Duje Peričić says:

Yamaha Nmax the best 125cc scooter for me

Dem says:

OMG candle lights!!! It’s 2016 ffssssssssssssss

Harold Hechanova says:

youre so beautitful…..

fzrrider582 says:

who the hell started off motorcycle riding on a scooter

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