MotoUSA Scooter Shootout: 2011 Yamaha TMAX

Learn more why the TMAX had the best accolades in our head-to-head scoot comparison. Then read the full review in the 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout article at


agent 404 says:

These guys are bias and clueless.
I hope they stop taking money from manufacturers to promote their product under disguise of a “review”.
This is so stupid.

Leonidas Antonopoulos says:

…….tmax is only a motorcycle,no scooter!!!!!!

greggusan says:

Jen Ross, you’re a cutie!

Loveya1038 says:

How can you have this Shootout without, Honda Silver Wing; Kymco Myroad 700:BMW Concept?

Caya D says:

Where to buy this T-Max in Florida

Famas arfdsafsa says:

come out of the closet weirdo

Mario Losberg says:

T-max 530 and Gilera Nexus 500..   the best scooter’s in class..

dracdrum says:

@brandon184839 That may be true for Mopeds and other small scooters… but I’d flaunt a T-Max.

Carolan Ivey says:

I just saw that when another friend of mind pointed me to it! The Honda CTX700. 🙂

Carolan Ivey says:

I wonder why no one makes a scooter that looks more like a regular motorcycle?

Famas arfdsafsa says:

The only bike missing in this shootout is the GP Gilera 800, thats it. And the reason why the bikes u mentioned not in the video is because their just not good enough haha!!

Famas arfdsafsa says:

its not the best, the only thing the gilera has is power, which the tmax can get easily, but looks nonono, the gilera is wayyyyy behind!!

therandomdot says:

But it still has the regular/high-beam headlight setup, with the high-beam looking like one of your lights burned out. I have that on my burger 400, and it’s f’ing annoying. Makes it look like you don’t take care of your bike. The biggest annoyance I found in shopping for maxi-scoots was the seat. I had my heart set on a silver wing until I sat in one…it was too cramped, and I have short legs. My burger fits me nice, but my bro can’t even sit in it without kissing his knee caps.

alexthor77 says:

Great review, I was choosing between a burgman 400 and a tmax 500, I haven’t regret yet, great machine….

Patrick Larsen says:

hi can’t you guy’s make a 50cc shootout :D? yamaha tzr50, aprilia rs 50, derbi 50 and something otther 😀

Rich Vogel says:

Girl is hot. Three guys are odd balls.

sam3d says:

these guys are biased, do not sound like experts in any area and their opinions are nothing but that.

opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they stink!!

utopiandesign says:

Looks comfortable, but still embarrassingly ugly! And for <$10,000 I can get sleek lines, 50mpg, go 200 mph, keep the insurance under 200/yr, and have more fun than Disney.

Matthijs van Roon says:

Very cool video. Also check out: A nice backstage video of the campaign shoot.

#stumts #slowmotion #wheelie #action #photoshoot

Famas arfdsafsa says:

yes a scooter shootout! cause the tmax is better than all ur mxbikes or whatever

Harry Brown says:

Stop right there…I own a fully Safety Wired CBR1000 with slicks, Quick shift, Fiber Glass body and so much more. I also love Scooters but I don’t want to drive one that looks like a Wanna-Be Gold Wing with Stick-On Chrome Accessories and a 4ft Windshield, because not everybody is like you! I want a Scooter that is fast of the line, handles with confidence and looks good without confusing people which sexual orientation I might be. So when the Timing is right, I will have me a Tmax or BMW Scoot

Carolan Ivey says:

That looks cool but the seat is way too high for me. 🙂 I think the CTX700 that Honda is coming out with will be more my height – 28 inches stock.

Famas arfdsafsa says:

the reviews are good, its only the price thats not good 🙂


KYMCO XCITING R 500i get-one-sweeeeeet-!

bucktooth002 says:

All sounds a bit bias…

Ramiro Valdez says:

did u try the honda sliverwing

BuddyAcesRussia says:

This or the Kymco Downtown 200

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