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FOODS 3 says:

Your most beautiful video I really loved this video and all my friends liked

hemantgobind says:

what’s the price bro?

Glenn Lagdao says:

Nice ride bro! good review too

Paul Pierce says:


Dethklok31 says:

That thing is beautiful. congratulations!

robertas janusauskas says:

This is what I was waiting for all this time!!!! I wanted a scooter with small economic engine, yet 155 is perfect, not too big not too small. It is much better than NVX/Aerox as it has more space in front for your legs or a bag or a dog lol But yeah seriously I was looking for that space in front. Also a place to hold your drink and maybe some snacks while cruising around. This scooter looks awesome and would replace PCX very quickly if it did sell to Thai market. Fingers crossed please make it happen! Also enough space under the seat, this scooter is my wet dream. Nice review also! Not too bulky like pcx it’s just perfect!

當我遇見妳 says:

行車記錄器是那一款的阿 好清楚喔!

Dean Sonetirot says:

It’s interesting. Al these weird names in different countries. In Thailand, the exact same model it’s called something completely different.

Hero Hour says:

How much are scooters? Are they expensive? I’m sure there are a bunch of 14 year olds riding these illegally , huh? Put on a helmet and you’d never know the age. LOL. I’d imagine these are cheaper than a nice mountain bike. I just bought a nice bike for $600 US a few weeks ago. But I’d much rather ride a scooter.

黃建侯 says:

wow nice

cn 250 says:

Get a honda helix 250cc wheelbase of a harley electroglide, seats made with angels feathers. One cyl water cooled 70 mph all day. Last made in 07 thats the one to get. massive storage great gas mileage. and its different. I’ve had alll the vtwins you name it, honda made the perfect bike and had to discontinue it. I know people with 86 models that love them. blahblah. sorry but if you can try one, you’ll buy one

Roadified says:

Great video, thanks!

rocky honrado says:

how much is the scooter?

mhedy osello s says:

ini akan ada di indo atau tdk yah?

charles torcatos says:

hey mr. M13! how are the headlights on this bike? i see most people use only half of it… did they modify it so only 1 light is on or there’s like a switch that turns the other one off and keep one on? if im going to have this bike, im gonna put an off switch for the headlights. and i would prefer that both headlights are on. haha ^^

OpCzar says:

Look like it has less room for your dog 🙁

seedlesspapaya says:

which would you recommend between the SMAX and the FORCE now that you’ve had some time with the new scooter?

Karel Botha says:

Try to be a bit more considerate when you drive on Taiwan’s roads. Drivers like you make it unsafe for others. I know, because I see drivers like you every day.

Hendra Yang says:

is chungli

鄭桂全 says:


deven wen says:


David Jones says:

don’t ride this BLACK scooter at night in the US, people will bump you, run over you, ignore you….

蔡文明 says:

I like Yamaha too, there breaks are strong and accurate, and if you take good care of it, it will last for 20years or more,

krishnareddy velagala says:

nice bike

Zouziva says:

going for ride with no reasaon .. that is the way to enjoy my day with scooters, forgetting everything at office or home … just relax and anjoy the scooters.. hahaha.. btw, volvo and porche next together? .. come on man .. lol .. good review though .. can’t hardly wait launched in indonesia.

李明烈 says:


robertas janusauskas says:

Does ANYONE know Please! if this scooter will ever be available in Thailand?

Awi Nurdin says: sayang ga dijual di Indonesia

TheBR911 says:

125cc and 110cc are enough for a city commute. I don’t know why people ask for a bigger engine capacity. These scooters are made for daily commute and they have to be budget friendly. If you’re really concern about the higher CC engines go for a Cruisers like Harley and Triumph.

narwhalcastle says:

looks like a Kawasaki bike anyone?

Sheena Mae Bolisay says:

i like one

finsa raditya says:

kl dilihat dr depan trs agak ke atas mirip kyk kepalanya z800. bener ga? apa cuman prasaan aja

Ryan Clemente says:

Whats the price of these in USD ? subscribing

Adrian Domingo says:

I like the dog carrying capabilities

vijey kumar says:

How much does the force cost? trying to get an estimate if and when the scooter launches in India

charles torcatos says:

hope it gets released here in the Philippines.. I will definitely get one..

Jensen Disuyo says:

Why not the Mio Soul Fi ?

pavan kumar says:

i dnt knw y yamaha doesnt launch these kind of scooters in india

nelson santos says:

i buy cygnus 2 hand

hrk64 says:

Your riding is too danger

Vanilaice says:

its my first time watching ur video, so… anyway,
are you taiwanese? i bet not, so where u come from?

Andrew Fortin says:

Nice motorcycle and your driving in longtan cool

SIC58GO says:


soymilk12533 says:

你的鑽車方式很危險 希望你能慢一點 不要害到別人

Juan Romagosa says:

How is he leg room on the scooter, for someone that is 6″1′ (185cm)? Is there a good aftermarket for buying raised handlebars? Just want to ask before buying one here in TW…thanks.

Kapil Vig says:

Seems your DOG Love this Scotter

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