Piston.my: Yamaha X-Max 250 – The Perfect Scooter?

Keyless GO! Just returned the new Yamaha X-Max after a week and I’m already missing it. At around RM20k it’s really the perfect all-rounder for daily-commuting or the occasional long-distance #scootouring ride! I wonder if HYLM takes trade-ins….


Rimbu moto says:

Hi Chris wee Once again simple English keep it up

Mitchel Saddam says:

Buying xmas soon..

Rimbu moto says:

Actually I am not fully watched your YouTube video. But very interesting information from you I very much like your technical knowledge

Peace Corp says:

no riding review? Please upload 1..

WaMoSha Z says:

Nice. But very hard to get one right now as a lot of shop don’t want to sell it. Maybe not enough demand?

T.T. Stern says:

I have new xmax300…..had every scooter before. this is ideal weight…power.6 ‘ and I fit

MR AS says:

Fuel cunsumption ok tak bro….

cher yee says:

Rear shock should have lean angle to front…. otherwise is same as EX5 on the rear..over road bump feel like being kicked

Electro Wolf says:

How much it cost?
I want to buy it.

Ming H. says:

How about PCX 150 by Honda? this model is so pricey for a bike.

Rimbu moto says:

Good As a mechanic i know Shock absorber position is very very proper it’s very helpful lack of wobbling.

Peace Corp says:

Someday i believe all cvts in scoot n bikes will be ‘Wet CVT’ no need to change the belt.. just change the cvt gear oil… just like a cvt transmission in a car.. its possible just need to downsize the tranny a whole lot.

jack blom says:

how about fuel consumption?

Paddy Doyle says:

That’s a 300 man the same as mine but my one is Gray metallic

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