T-Max (530cc Scooter) REVIEW – M13

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Crash Cager says:

How is your gas mileage on it?

fakiNeutral says:

these bikes could be worth considering for your tour due to the amazing comfort while you travel

tHaH4x0r says:

Nice review, but i cringed at the physics explanation of acceleration…

Burger Man says:

I’m guessing that for some people that know how to ride a scooter but not a motorcycle, and want something more powerful than a typical 125cc scooter, they would get this? Also if this is 530cc, it would fall just under the red plate license plate in Taiwan so registration might be a bit cheaper? but i’m not 100% sure about the cost of that…..

Kitty Cat says:

Funny ending!

rsm says:

28 degrees…. -30 in edmonton

ColeTrain9984 says:

A better maxi-scooter to test is the Suzuki Burgman 650 executive Tons more storage and features, much better for shopping.

Going Yooper says:

6k in the states used wow

Do R/C! says:

I recently horse traded for a Honda Silverwing. It’s my first scooter and I really like the comfort and practicality. I’ll probably end up back on a motorcycle eventually buy not for a while.

The Silverwing cruises all day at 70mph.

cavaliers60 says:

I owned the older 500cc Tmax, and loved it. It’s like they took good parts from every kind of bike and put it into one. Also, the nimbleness you mentioned is probably due to the low center of gravity it has.

John L says:

What this lacks compared to a Goldwing is marketing.

Eliot Metherell says:

Cool video, and actually made me rethink my view of power/maxi scooters.
I was very very surprised that someone had to tell you your tyre pressure was low, you seem like the kind of guy who could probably guess his exact PSI

iGhost says:

You should try and a hands on the Kymco Downtown 350i. Its got spacious storage and has been doing well in the Europe 🙂

Roadified says:

Another great video, thanks for sharing!

lazy boy Rider says:

I have test ride my friends bike and it was at xmax but it was a 125 version I can’t say did not respond like a normal scooter but I’m afraid to say I quite like it :))

quigonjay9 says:

Probably better for FUCKING FAT GUYS than a small engined scooter

mike Malek says:

Lol, that outro was truly horrifying. XD

Neil Devine says:

Tons of TMax’s in Paris. Must be something about them. More speed. Able to go on the freeway. More storage. More power for a passenger. City street corners are stuffed with them.

Brian LO says:

Why do people like scooters?
Feels rather detached from the machine.
No shifting gears , no rev matching. Sitting straight up. Can’t hang onto the tank. Feels rather tame.

n2o4me says:

First scooter I rode was a SYM 49cc 2 stroke and loved it . The Tmax is a beast and kind of defeats the purpose of agility ? I’m seriously considering the Honda PCX 150 in the spring though .

maikerumine says:

I beg to differ the mark about only good for straight roads.  🙂  I was killing it on hiway 129 {The Dragon]  with my T-Max, It was a dream in the twisties.

☣droid☣ says:

The number one thing I hate about those type of scooters is like you said, the lack of a floor board. I mean the ability to carry stuff on the floorboard is basically the only reason I own a scooter at all.

TopHats Tavern says:


Ryan Fuller says:

Maxi/Maxy makes sense since scooters aren’t manly at all.

Thinking out of the box. says:

Why get a Tmax? The reason why is because your not changing gear all the time in traffic. A Tmax is the best way to do a long commute, it handles like a bike , does 115mph/184kmh , is better in traffic filters better than a bike. Try it before you knock it, I did and sold the sports bike straight after and got one. Will never go back to a motorbike.

thatone salvadorian says:

0:21 16:06 lol i think i want one tho.. i like it

Jesse Pecoraro says:

Great video m8

barrkel says:

Have you seen all the options and knobs and switches on a Goldwing? 🙂 T-max is for commuting, mostly in Continental European cities, with the ability to do some light touring and sporty riding. If you have a longer stretch of motorway on your commute, the extra power, comfort etc. is something you don’t get on smaller scooters, while big bikes suffer in dense inner-city traffic. So, commuting. Not shopping.

U_Wot_m7+1 says:


Pablo TuKm says:

Try forza 125 and you will fall in love

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