Yamaha Mio Sporty 115cc Scooter Review – Philippines

In this review I go over my 1 year old Yamaha Mio Sporty 115cc scooter that I bought while living in the Philippines. This is a great lil street/city bike for living in a medium city like bacolod or dumaguete. cost was 67000 php after everthing was said and done. It has been on many long rides and island hopping around.

Equipment List https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUE0LOQ9ZkU

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I am a Canadian who lives part time in the Philippines as a filmmaker chasing my dreams and enjoying life with my wife.


George Vyshnevy says:

What precautions can you take to stop the bike from being stolen whilst parked at say
the mall? Do you need a licence to drive a 115 cc bike in the Philippines?

Ron Spins says:

That seat looks like you can comfortably seat 3 , now all I got to do
is actually see the “motorcycle” that seats 5 .

Mr vaxin says:

this is my bike, i from Indonesia btw

LifeJourney says:

Thorough review. Thumbs up.

Paul Flanagan says:

Cool bike! i bought a 125cc motorstar 9years ago 40.000 pesos for me on holidays and my wifes family when im not there…still going…great vid mate…ingat

marlon Serrano says:

do the part 2 ride it on part2


this is one of my favourite scooter its more comfortable to drive compare to mxi and mio.this scooter is very responsive

SezStyle says:

Looks like an excellent bike for inexperienced riders… such as myself 🙂 Might have to make a purchase! I do recall you saying you were a bit disappointed with the lack of power. How much would the next step up Mio be (150cc)?

diego lucio says:

this bike eat gas like hell

agiftedcurse says:

Keep it and figure it out later!! If you get another bike and decide to keep it or sale it later on you still can!! 🙂 Sounds like the people I hear that have two bikes normally use the smaller one more for town/city driving. I’d wait a few months after you get the bigger bike and see if you still have any use for the small one and then decide.

Kriss Bartlett says:

ive ridden this bike but mine is a Honda wave 100 a lot better higher on the road and goes fast im pretty fat and tall and gets me ok  no problem but the Yamaha was not as fast ro drive but I found it smooth on the road thanks to for the post I think you problem is you need new brake pads easy to replace ive done it on the 100

Cagayan Valley Isabela and Beyond says:

Give it to Mitchie! She needs a bike of her own! Then you can get what you want with the excuse she now has yours! LOL
I have just the tricycle we use around town (family with 3 kids it is needed). We have a Honda 155TMX that is still running great after 5 years. This is the work horse bike though of the Philippines I guess. Not for traveling.
I would like to get an extra bike just to ride, so I am watching all these videos from my different subscriptions to learn the pros and cons! Thanks for your view points. (Newly subscribed here also! Great videos!)

Dave DoesDave says:

you dont need to learn how to drive in the philippines you need how to be careful those taxi jeeps bus and pinoy drivers will freaking kill you

Tugas Services says:

Personally, I am not comfortable with automatic scooter. I prefer the ones with manual transmission. I love my modified Honda XRM 125.

franzb69 says:

bore it up

Jo ker says:

nice review sir. im a filipino..

i like this motorcycle my cousin have this.
im planning to buy also but theres a new model called mio m3 125 fi. hope you make a comparison review on those 2 bikes

Philo in the Philippines says:

Great info on that model I agree with you about going to a bigger model 150cc or even more, it would make those hill climbs a lot easier on you and Mitchy, maraming salamat po, ingat.

Vincent Aposaga says:

I’m typically a beginner driver for motorcycles (I just recently pass my drivers exam) and I’m thinking of buying this one, is it a good motorcycles for beginner drivers? Thank you in advance for the answer. Nice review btw.

Our Palawan Experience says:

If you are thinking about another scooter…I would highly recommend the Honda 125i Click…so far for me it has been a really good motor with plenty of power for two persons. I have had 218 kgs.total weight…(two big fat kanos) on it for a short distance, and preformed well.. carries the wife and me very well….check it out before you settle……just a suggestion.

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