Yamaha Nmax 155cc review


Lhonzkieee Leal says:

So what name is in your head.? Also there is a Yamaha T Max…

Rene Willems says:

Cute presenter (Irene?) – this bike is fantastic indeed, but she could present & sell a n y bike. Thanks for a truly interesting video 🙂

Suhaimi Nakban says:

are u study in uitm lendu..

Alan Hayward says:

The background music is drowning out your commentary.

Ferdian Tanjung Mandahiling Koto says:

not built for speed? come on, girl.. i drive above 80km/hour LoL often above 100km/hour 😀 bumpy suspension can be solved by aftermarket suspension recommended by Yamaha, the suspension is red in color.

Sankarankutty Raju says:

You have to be improve your commentary aggressiveness , this look like baby talk ….all the best…

OT9877 GGMU says:

keep up the good job…

vionna padero says:

I hope na ma meet kita someday sir ..para makasama sa ride nio and maka layo din kami ng n max ko hehehehe

Nerven1986 says:

The color is matt grey?

Sp3ll633 says:

Wtf man, italian scooter look sporty? Pffff oooh my gosh please no no NOOOO, Italian scooter look Retro. Asian Scooters look future man

Philippe Roweneson Carmona says:

maybe they should have named it Baymax instead.

Anderson Robert says:

Reviewing with dark background. ‘Smart’…sigh

Romeo Cunanan says:

is this available in the Philippines? hw much?

Lecups 95 says:

yeah your name is better, i mean, your face

Lil Uzi Vert says:

Aerox Is better

Julian Delizo says:

It’s south east asian

Adam Harris says:

Lucky for you to be 171cm..

Noor Ashraf Shaari says:

Do join us in Malaysia Nmax Owner Club (MYNOC).. We always plan for members ride..

Viceroy Z says:

What helmet is that?

Hanif Wahiduzaman says:

Akak lawa

Cie Mohasrim says:

Hai awak… sihat ke? dah makan? hurmmm… 2016 yer… dah berapa org anak? huhuhu

shafie abidin says:

Guys what is her name? I can’t hear her name clearly

sa KEN ka says:

she said:” I do MOTORCYCLE review for CARS, BIKES and TRUCKS”
oh yeah, when you review a car and truck, you call it MOTORCYCLE review. lol

Yavuz Aydoğan says:

Nice girl, nice review. You say you use liberty piaggio. In compare nmax to sym joyride (170cc), piaggio medley (150cc) which one you will recommend? I use now pulsar 200ns and I want more comfort but also a little bit acceleration and speed. So which one you will prefer?

Cristian Urbina says:

Sexy girl, nice scooter

Mr Jn says:

hey is the anti lock brake system of it still active while you’re driving in high speed kilometer?

Eduardo Morales says:

Presenter is so pretty!!!, nice review, I’m thinking about getting a scooter soon, this sounds like a good option indeed.


I don’t know if she’s reviewing the scooter, or posing for a fashion shoot.

Tony Antony says:

Good video & good review …

3yearsinthemaking says:

Forget about the NMAX. She is stunning, I like her. Lol

yana justabigbite says:

her name is Ahirine, quite famous in malaysia motorcycle scenes. if she said this bike is good, then its good. if not, she’s mean it.

azlin azlin7 says:

UITM Alor Gajah….jom jumpa kat MP….helmet tu jenis apa , berapa harga tuuu

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