Yamaha NMAX review | Visordown Road Test

Yamaha makes no bones about the purpose of the NMAX: to be better and cheaper than Honda’s PCX. It’s only cheaper by £28. Is it any better? Watch our verdict.
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Ardent Fan says:

One important thing missing in this relatively good review…….the sound of the actual engine running. Most reviews missed out on this simple but important aspect. Instead they give you all the unnecessary background music.

naufal muhammad says:

we got it 155cc in indonesia, that mean more power and torque with the VVA

Henry Kurniawan says:

Best seller in Indonesia too.

Sam Simpson says:

Hhy. I’m really glad to seg it screw mammoth What’s your opinion about tiis 11

reoyuzi says:


rajendran p says:

2016 super scooter

Kazonac says:

/roll need

Nigel Tabb says:

I do like these quick snappy style of reviews..but dude, smile 🙂

nelson santos says:

record in Lisbon

sambam007 says:

Does it have a 12volt lighter socket?

photographerjonathan says:

how is the stability compared to the pcx, is it better to have 14 inch wheels like the pcx, witch one handles riding at top speeds better, witch one handles bad streets better, witch one feels more solid, I would really like to hear a more detailed comparison of the ride of this bike compared to the PCX, is it stable at very slow speed, does it feel confident at high speeds, witch one is the better bike if comparing only performance, i’m kindof bored of the pcx because it’s been around for a long time and the NMAX just came a few days ago, but I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t ride as good as the PCX

Duje Peričić says:

I have white Nmax its awesome scooter the best in class. Its my little Tmax

Tomas Schultz says:

Do You really think background music does anything good for this review

Nerven1986 says:

Awesome scooter!!! Getting my soon 125 Matt grey 2017 version with black alloy wheels + comfort seat edition with red stitches. <3

Uncle Jane says:

Why the f*** does the video keep switching to the guy? We don’t need to see his face, all we need is to hear his voice. Show us the bike and let’s hear his voice. It’s not complicated.

HamSpamJamLamb says:

Actually not a bad looking scooter… I like the dash as well.

zerlius wiyono says:

made in bangladesh

laser325 says:

It’s a mystery as to why the beard had to have his stereo on loud while he did his review. Very distracting.
Other than that, good review.

Hiten Seyani says:

Please review XMAX 125

Flavio Souza says:

fuck this loud background music and this guy with english accent.

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