Yamaha XMax 300 2018 Review and Testride

The new 2018 Xmax 300 is a nice little city scooter.
With 28hp, it is just enough power for city and a few longer rides.

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Intro music is “Black Suit Zombie” by Phazer.
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Cameras used: Gopro Hero 3 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver.


Chris Till says:

I really like the X-Max, but it would be great as an electric model. And Yamaha are still doing nothing in that area. Which really sucks. I doubt we’ll see anything before 2020 at this point.

Alan Loo says:

Thank You! This is the largest scooter in the US made by Yamaha.

Dave Harrison says:

27.6hp engine 🙁

Ancientgear506 says:

” I can’t afford to crash these bikes you guys.” Rides with no hands at 21:00 xD keep up the great reviews!

Rich Vogel says:

Cager…Nobody does it better!! I just got a Suzuki Burgman 400 and I’m enjoying it. Would love to see you review it!!

John Matthews says:

You are my favourite bike reviewer Cager and because of your Honda Fortza 125cc review, I bought one two years ago. I’d like to upgrade now to a scooter with a bigger engine capacity. I’m looking at either this Yamaha or the new 2018 Honda Fortza 300cc Scooter. I look forward to your review on the new Fortza.

Thorick says:

Oh, I misread the title and thought it was going to be Yamaha V-MAX 2018, instead of XMAX. That would have been very entertaining, something even more frightening than the ZX-14R ! How about it ?

Daniil Rusanau says:

Could you test drive bmw scooters please? If there is any chance to get them for tea test…

Nestoras Bellas says:

I know you dont like retro bikes much, but please try Kawasaki Z900RS when possible. I value your opinion a lot. Also as a scooter guy for commute great to see you did this review!

andystm says:

I see a video by Cagerontwowheels and I click like 😉 loved the Xmax 125 I used to have

Alan Loo says:

Can you do a review of the XMAX 400 or Suzuki Burgman 400. Thank You.

Ive Aka says:

Hi Cager! Where is that beautiful place where you overtake the spacestar? I wold like to go there with my bike. Thx.

Dony Wisnu says:

Sold! Thanks, ordering tomorrow

HuskySausage says:

Best motorcycle channel. Love this guy!
Cannot wait to get this one 300.
I’m short 4k dollars. Lol

Haluk Cakir says:

Mitsubishi space star, just like Skoda Rapid Space back has ho space in the back. 🙂 You’re an ace, Cager.

Alan Loo says:

It looks like a XMAX 400. Based on the seat and instrumentation.

claud Talkz says:

Cager, your joy is contagious. I’m always happy to hear your voice… the great review is just icing on the cake…

Martin Raven says:

Excellent review. I have this scooter for a year now and I agree with every point you made about performance. It’s practical scooter for every day use. A lot of storage space (2 full face helmets and +), low fuel consumption… 3 l/100km is my average. You can reach 350 – 400 km with one fuel tank (13 l). Thanks for the review.

Sam Samual says:

Hi nice review but where are you riding? It’s a beautiful area.

No One says:

Mais um excelente video pra variar Cager 😛
Aqi os tugas têm é de se amanhar pra perceber hehehe
Abraço e boa continuação

beni sergaiov says:

Hello cager can you please do a review for keeway cityblade 125

tony Wyatt says:

thank you nice scoota lovely country.

Fiando Perdana says:

Ah, finally the Xmax 300! I always waiting this review from you, buddy. As always, the content is really superb and informative.. Thanks a lot bud!

James Lim says:

MT-07 2018!

Thomas TheFox says:

Nice bike and always enjoy your reviews

Numb Bum says:

Glad you’re still doing this man, thanks

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